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Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific

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   Your online guide to the Ha'apai Island Group, Tonga

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Visitor Facts for visiting in Ha'apai Islands, Tonga

Weather and Climate in Vava'u, Tonga

Vava'u enjoys a tropical climate with average daily temperatures of 29ēC in January and 24ēC in June. The weather is warm and generally sunny throughout the year. November to April, the weather is more humid and thunderstorms are more frequent, but the water is warmer for swimming, there is still excellent visibility for diving, and quieter winds for sailing. Ha'apai is generally the same but 1ēC cooler than Vava'u. Tongatapu is 3ēC cooler than Vava'u and not as humid.

Traditionally this is referred to as cyclone season but only one cyclone has touched down in Tonga in the last 10 years. During the winter months, the weather is settled with temperatures ranging from about 23-27ēC

From May to September, southeast trade winds range from 15-25 knots. During the summer months, northeast winds of 10-20 knots are the norm.

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Summer clothing is suitable during most of the year, however a sweater, jacket or wrap is recommended for evening wear throughout the year. Although casual attire is suitable for most occasions, Tongans are conservative so moderate dress is expected. Shirts should always be worn in public places as it is against the law to appear in a public place without a shirt. Women should not wear swimsuits, low-cut tops, or very short skirts away from hotel pools and beaches.