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Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific

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   Your online guide to the Ha'apai Island Group, Tonga

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Visitor Facts for visiting in Ha'apai Islands, Tonga

Ha'apai Cruising Guide

This guide has been put together to provide information for yachts and vessels prior and during their stay in Tonga. I would like to thank the crew of SV Olwen (Dean and Trish) and SV Cosmos (Suni and Charlie) for their assistance in checking and expanding this guide - if you have find information that is incorrect or missing please email me at Malo Au'Pito (thank you very much)

Electronic Copy of the Tonga Cruising Guide
(300Kb .pdf file)

With one of the most sheltered harbours in the South Pacific it is home to a large number of charter yachts and with many sheltered coves and bays & 70 islands to visit it has a well deserved reputation for great Cruising grounds.

Police 911 or 922 or 70234
Hospital 933 or 70201
Fire 999
Port Captain 70639
Vava'u Emergency Response Association (VERA) 84114 or 7512347 or VHF 16 or VHF 26 (repeater station - range upto 40 nautical miles from Neiafu)

Moorings are all privately owned in the harbour - DO NOT use a mooring without PRIOR approval to use it - you could be inconveniencing the owner.

Moorings have been laid using NZ charitable funds at anchorages in 2009 - they are marked with a yellow or orange mooring ball and are located at anchorages 7 (x 4) anchorages 16 (x 3) - they are suitable for 50ft yachts and 20 tonnes maximum. A receipted fee of $10 a night, to maintain and increase these moorings over time, must be made at VTA officer at the Tongan Visitors Bureau, Cafe Tropicana, Aquarium Cafe, Crows Nest cafe.

Take care of the reefs - look before you drop your anchor! If a VTA mooring is available use it and pay the Fee - help us increase the moorings and rest easier! Please don't buy or remove shells from the sea - they are someone's home. Please also be careful steering through shallow reef systems - save your keel and prop by being cautious…

Check-in and Check-out must be done between the 4 regions in Tonga (Tongatapu, Haapai, Vava'u, and Niutoputapu). This is very easy to do but remember to do it.

Speed limit inside the outer marker in the harbour is 5 knots - even in a dinghy! Watch out for other boats, bouys, floating obstacles, HUMANS!!

Cruiser Weather Guide
From May to September, southeast trade winds range from 15-25 knots. During the summer months, northeast winds of 10-20 knots are the norm.

Click for : Tonga Meteorological Services (

Click for : 7 Day weather forecasts for the South Pacific. (

Click for : General 3-7 Day Ocean Weather Forecasts. (

Faka Tonga
"The Tongan Way" as in all Pacific countries it will happen when it happens…

See also Culture

Christianity is huge in Tonga - a wonderful way to spend a Sunday is attend a church service, please dress respectively and modestly so as not to offend. No noisy activities can be done on a Sunday or you may be visited by the Police - I kid you not. Dress standards in town are: shirts MUST be worn by males, females should be covered below the knee and shoulder.

Clearance check-in and check-out
Advanced Notice Of Arrival (ANOA) is required but is not being enforced currently. You may email details (Name and flag of the vessel, Name of the captain and crew and passport details, ETA into Vava'u) of your arrival to Call Vava'u Marine and Ports on VHF 26 and go alongside the main Customs' wharf at the northern end of Neiafu Harbour, hoist your Q flag when you enter Tongan Water (50 miles). The Customs and Port Captain's offices are situated here. Customs may wish to board the boat.

Boats are cleared (free) between 0830 and 1630 Monday to Friday. They are closed for lunch, usually 1230-1330. Lunchtime, after-hours, and Saturday check-ins are available by special arrangement and for a fee - $80TOP after hours Monday to Friday, $100 + $20 per officer per hour on Weekend and Holidays. If arriving after hours or at weekends and you prefer to wait until normal office opening times, boats are allowed to stay at anchor, flying the Q flag, but may not go ashore until clearance is completed.

For outward clearance, a visit must be made to the Immigration office, upstairs at the only 2 story building on the main road. There is a departure fee of $40TOP.

Also, a Lights and Bouys fee of $2.40TOP per gross tonne is payable at the Customs shed - upstairs.

Crewing positions
A large number of yachts have crew flown in for the return trip to NZ or Fiji or just to cruise our wonderful Islands! There are several ways to bring crew in; 1. Crew member buys the most expensive fare (which is fully refundable of course) online, comes into Tonga and then cancels the ticket and gets the money back,

Tel: 70053 or 70928, VHF Ch. 16 or 26. May inspect your boat. No general problem. Please remember NOT to sell stores from your boat!!

Tel: 71142. If phone not working, please visit Immigration Office personally.

A 30 day Visa is granted upon entry and a second visa for 6 months can be purchased, or $40 TOP per 28 days, $5 TOP if your under 18 years of age. A passport photo is also required for the first extension. DO NOT give your passport to immigration (anywhere in the world in fact), a lot are lost!

Your boat may stay in Tonga for up to 12 months without having to pay duty - you must then leave for another country, get an entry stamp and you may return for another 12 months etc… Your vessel has a permit to stay for an initial 4 months, then a further 4 months, and a final 4 months.

If your leaving your boat in Tonga for the summer cyclone season find a suitable mooring company and arrange a care package that suits you, (ventilate the boat, start the engines, run generators, check batteries etc). All of the moorings providers do this as a service. You must appoint a Master for your vessel while your away though!

Tel: 70053 Practique Certificate issued. $100TOP

Tel: 70053 Inspection fee $20TOP for under 25 metres/$50TOP for over 25 metres. Rubbish is $0.40 per kilo. Fumigation, if required, can be arranged through Vava'u Pest Control at +676 7512347 or +676 71322.

Sailing Safaris may be able to assist with arranging out of hours clearance. Call on VHF Ch. 16 or

The local radio net, VHF Ch. 26, 0830, Mon-Sun, will help provide useful information, run by various local marine operators.

Moorings and anchoring

Yachts can hire moorings on both sides of Neiafu Harbour.

Moorings are all privately owned in the harbour - DO NOT use a mooring without PRIOR approval to use it - you could be inconveniencing the owner.

Moorings have been laid using NZ charitable funds at anchorages in 2009 - they are marked with a yellow or orange mooring ball and are located at anchorages 7 (x 4) anchorages 16 (x 3) - they are suitable for 50ft yachts and 20 tonnes maximum. A receipted fee of $10 a night, to maintain and increase these moorings over time, must be made at VTA officer at the Tongan Visitors Bureau, Cafe Tropicana, Aquarium Cafe, Crows Nest cafe. Please be honest and assist us to improve and increase the moorings.

Take care of the reefs - look before you drop your anchor! If a VTA mooring is available use it and pay the Fee - help us increase the moorings and rest easier!

Moorings rent for approx TOP$15 per night. Weekly or monthly rates can be arranged with mooring companies. Neiafu Harbour is very well protected & many insurance carriers will write riders.

  • Aquarium Cafe (waterfront), Tel: +676 70493, VHF Ch. 16
  • Beluga Diving, Tel: +676 70327, VHF Ch. 09 (yellow and white numbered buoys)
  • Footloose Charters, VHF Ch. 68 (white buoys with poles in the inner harbour)
  • Sailing Safaris (off Mermaid Bar), Tel: +676 70650, VHF Ch. 16 (various buoys, mostly white, between the town wharf and Sailing Safaris)
  • The Moorings, Tel: +676 70116, VHF Ch. 72 (orange buoys with poles located between Sailing Safaris and Footloose Charters)
  • Café Tropicana, Tel +676 71322, VHF 16. Various bouys black or yellow mussel floats)

    In the outer anchorages, the moorings are also privately owned, please call them BEFORE picking up a mooring - they may be holding it for someone…

  • Hunga (anchorage #13) belong to Ika Lahi (VHF 71);
  • In Tapana (anchorage #11) belong to The Ark Gallery (VHF 11) and Tapana (VHF 10) and
  • Mounu (anchorage #41) belong to Mounu (VHF 77).
  • Anchoring
    If you choose to anchor in the main harbour, please do so far enough away from any moorings. On the western-side there are some good anchor spots toward the north. On the eastern-side there is plenty of room more to the south. Anchorage space can be a problem close to town because of deep water, except where most moorings are located. Take extreme care with reefs PRIOR to anchoring!

    Duty Free Liquor
    Leiola Duty Free on the main road - take in your passport within 24 hours of checking in and also checking out.

    Dinghy Docks
    Dinghy docks are at
    Paradise (dangerous and slippery steps),
    The Mermaid,
    Small Boat Marina below Dive Vava'u.

    Rigs & Sails & Maintenance

    Canvas and Sail repairs
    Character Canvas - Located on the waterfront downstairs from Aquarium Cafe. Tel: +676 70975/ +676 70493, VHF Ch. 16 The Moorings - Located on the waterfront beside the Aquarium Cafe. Tel: +676 70016, VHF Ch. 72

    Sailing Safaris Marine Center (Mermaids)

    Welding - stainless steel/general
    Ashleigh on 7512???

    Hull & GRP Repair
    KW International - next to ANZ Bank in town
    Sailing Safaris (Mermaids)
    Endangered Encounters

    Niu pacific +676 70573, +676 7512273

    See also Trades and Services

    Maps and Flags
    Tongan Flags and Courtesy flags can be purchased at Café Tropicana or Megapode. Marine maps may also be purchased at Café Tropicana or Megapode.

    Book Swap and Library
    Café Tropicana and Aquarium Café have a completely free book swap. Vava’u Public Library has a small joining fee and you can borrow books as well.

    Diesel and Petrol available from various stations on the road to the airport (approx 500m and 800m from the Police Station), but only two are on the water
    Sailing Safaris, Tel: +676 70650, VHF Ch. 16
    BP Fuel, Tel: +676 70972, VHF Ch. 16 (200 litres minimum).
    Will deliver to the commercial wharf area. Otomohemohe Petrol station is re-opening 2010 and is located next to Tonga Bobs just above the Small Dinghy Dock.

    Please call BP in advance with the amount of fuel required, time, boat name and date of departure. Duty free fuel (MINIMUM 200 LITRES) can be purchased from BP Fuel the day you are leaving the country, you MUST be checked out with Customs and show proof. You will need to show proof from Customs that your checkout is complete – Customs will supply paperwork for Duty Free Fuel. The fuel truck can be pre-booked to come down to the Customs Wharf to coincide with when your boat is alongside. We strongly suggest you measure the fuel if possible as short dipping is very common with this BP office!!!

    Water tanks or jerry cans can be filled at either:
    Sailing Safaris Marine Centre (next to The Mermaid), Tel: +676 70650, VHF Ch. 16 or
    Melinda Sea Adventures, Tel: +676 70975, VHF 16.

    Town water is generally safe to drink but is hard and has a taste - you may wish to boil it.

    Price per full tank is approx. $15, or $2 per Jerry Can, boat wash approx. $25. Contact them first to make a reservation to come alongside. Be advised there may be additional fees for extended stays tied to the dock.

    LPG (gas)
    Butane gas is available in Vava'u. Bottles with Propane will be emptied for the Butane to be filled. Bottles can be refilled at Homegas in the village of Toula (at the head of the harbour). You can reach Homegas either by taxi or by dinghy (& short walk) as they have their own wharf - the steps are VERY steep though. A return taxi trip from Neiafu is approx. TOP$8. A variety of international adaptors are available except Spanish. Very easy and prompt service!
    Homegas Ltd Tel +676 70319
    Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 0900-1600

    Rubbish Disposal
    Please feed the fish any organics, or call your favourite Café or Restaurant – most have a bucket for scraps that is given to staff for their pigs.

    Plastic water bottles (with screw caps), Schweppes (Tonic, Ginger Ale, Soda Water), Wine Bottles (with screw caps) are used to store a variety of products (Nonu juice, Tapa Dyes, Water, Coconut Oil, Seafood Mix,) reduce landfill and your rubbish cost and give them to your
    - favourite fruit and vegetable or craft merchant down at the market
    - Tongan Visitors Bearau
    - or lots of Cafés and Restaurants also collect and donate to the above people.

    Don't leave your rubbish in any trash cans around town or use private rubbish bins at companies - you may be fined if your caught, it’s not worth the risk!

    You can recycle your aluminum at Aquarium Café or Café Tropicana - who donate the cans to a local school to sell to recycle agents.

    You can take car batteries to Café Tropicana.

    Bring your used motor oil to Sailing Safaris or Café Tropicana, but call them first to make sure they're available to receive it (Café Tropicana give it away to be used for staining wood, lubing winches, or in outer Island Generators)

    Rubbish may be left at Aquarium - a small fee per bag is required, please see the staff.

    See also Communications
    See also Post Office
    See also Mail/Courier
    See also Internet

    Within Vava'u most businesses, including bars and restaurants, have VHF radio and the majority monitor channel 16. Please refrain from using the following channels unless you are calling them:

    08 Tropo
    09 Beluga Diving and whalewatch
    10 The Ark gallery and anchorages
    11 Ta Pana Resort and anchorages
    13 Ovava
    26 Marine and Ports repeater channel – keep conversation short
    69 Dive Vava’u/Ikapuna/Alatini
    71 Sport Fishing Vessels
    72 Moorings Calling
    73 Moorings Working
    77 Mounu Island

    Channel 26 is owned by Marine and Ports and is a repeater channel so has a better range than channel 16 - please keep your conversations short on this channel.

    The Cruisers Net information exchange service operates each morning at 0830 Monday to Saturday. VHF Ch. 26.

    VHF Net Sections
    Emergencies/Priority Traffic
    Whose listening?
    Email/mail/fax received
    Crew wanted/available
    Lost and Found
    Local information and announcements
    Local Services Offered and required
    Public Events
    Anything about anything
    Adverts – will normally move to another channel depending on the day and time…

    See also Banks

    Adventure Backpackers
    Self service, wash and line dry. Tel: +676 7095, VHF Ch. 71
    Sailing Safaris
    Self-service laundry. Bring your own washing powder and be present to remove clothes from washer and dryer. Call in advance to check if machines free. Tel: +676 70650, VHF Ch. 16
    Coconet Cafe phone +676 71311 VHF 16 “Coconet”
    Paradise Hotel (Laundry) Opposite Vava'u Guest House Tel:70 211, VHF Channel 71

    There are various small supermarkets in Neiafu and a number of Café’s do provisioning – including Café Tropicana. Most shops close Saturdays at noon and are closed on Sundays, except the bakeries which are open from 1600-2000.

    Vava'u (Utukalungalu) Market
    Open Mon-Fri 0900-1600. Saturday until 1230. On Friday the main market turns into a night market, open all night when fresh supplies are being brought in from the outer islands.

    Fresh Fish
    Some locals sell fresh fish. If not down at the main wharf just listen out for a whistle sound - this means there is fresh fish for sale! Alatini Fisheries do some imported items and fresh/frozen fish.

    See also Transport & Travel
    See also Car Hire

    If hiring a car, drivers require a Tongan license which is obtainable from the Police Station. Most of the roads are sealed but take care when travelling in outer areas as these roads are not sealed.

    See also Taxis
    See also Computer/Photo/Video
    See also Mobile Telephone
    See also Medical/Health

    The Friday Regatta.
    Every Friday, from May to October the Vava’u Yacht Club at Mermaids Bar and Grille organise an afternoon yacht race, everyone is welcome. The course around Neiafu harbour changes every week. Skipper's meeting at 1600 at The Mermaid. Prizes are awarded to all participating boats including vouchers for local services.

    Island Trading
    Trading with Islands is recommended rather than donating goods and services. This may seem tough but it means that people do not become dependent on Aid and Charity from yachties – if the next yachtie doesn’t give them anything they could also become angry etc.

    Anchorage Notes:
    The author would like to encourage cruisers to provide a brief summary of the anchorages to assist fellow yachties.

    Vava’u Anchorages


    #1 Neiafu
    #2 Pangaimotu Courseway
    #3 Pangaimotu
    #4 Vaipua
    #5 Lotuma
    #6 Mala
    #7 Port Maurelle
    Port Maurelle is the spot where the Spaniard, Maurelle, the first explorer to see Vava'u anchored his ship. It is a lovely and protected natural anchorage.
    #7 Kapa
    From this central location you can cruise to no less than forty recognised anchorages, many of them within two hours sailing of the base. Just out of Neiafu is the lovely island of Kapa with its Swallows Cave, similar to the Blue Grotto in Capri, and a spectacular sight.
    Adjacent to Nuku and Port Maurelle, Ava provides some amazing snorkelling and diving, particularly along the western shoreline. The mid afternoon sun highlights the natural colours of the coral and fish life, the depth dropping away to around 200 feet.
    #8 Nuku
    A tiny island with a cosy anchorage alongside an idyllic sands pit, Nuku is possibly the most photographed island in the Kingdom of Tonga. A perfect day stop for safe swimming and snorkelling for those beginners to gain their confidence. Nuku becomes a favourite with all who visit Vava'u.
    #9 Luamoko
    #10 Lisa Beach
    #11 Tapana
    #12 Tapana South
    #14 Foeata
    #15 and #13 and #16 Nuapapu, Hunga and Vaka'eitu
    To the west are the islands of Nuapapu, Hunga and Vaka'eitu. Hunga's huge lagoon, formed by the crater of an extinct volcano, can only be reached through a 100 foot wide pass. Here a traditional Tongan village shares the shoreline with the 'Island Style' Club Hunga Resort. Further along, on the western coast of N'uapapu is the fascinating Mariner's Cave, an underwater cavern which good swimmers will be able to visit. In Vaka'eitu you will find a safe overnight anchorage and nice snorkelling.
    #17 lape
    #18 Fonua Lai
    #19 Sisia
    #20 katafanga
    #21 Taunga – day stop
    #22 Taunga – day stop
    #23 Ngau – day stop
    #24 Ngau – day stop
    #25 Makave – Old Harbour
    #26 ‘Olo’ua
    #27 Mafana
    #28 Ofu
    #29 Euaiki
    #30 Kenutu
    Kenutu is an idyllic lagoon for an overnight anchorage, with an attractive beach, excellent diving for experienced divers on the reef and a walk on the ocean side to visit the caverns and blowholes. While you are here, the Berlin Bar is a great stopover. Throughout the cruising area, you will find amazing diving and snorkelling, in crystal clear waters, with brilliantly coloured coral and reef fish.
    #31 Mananita
    Mananita is surrounded by reefs - which provide some of the best snorkelling in the area. Careful navigation through the reefs will be rewarded by the discovery of perfect white, powdery beaches. A stroll inland will take you into a luxuriant natural temple filled with the brilliant green light provided by the large-leafed puko trees.
    #32 Euakafa
    #33 Fua’amotu
    #34 Lua Ui
    #35 Luchiapo
    #36 Fonua’one’one
    #37 Fangasito
    #38 Ovaka – day stop
    #39 Ovaka – day stop
    #40 Ovalau
    #41 Mounu
    A delightful small island surrounded by a sandy beach, Mounu is the South Pacific island of your dreams. A new mini resort has been established on the western end of the island, call ahead on the VHF and make your reservation for a gourmet meal. Mounu makes a perfect add on to your sailing holiday, why not book in for a day or two after your charter.
    #42 Mu’omu’a

    Fiji Clearance Procedures
    A large number of yachts depart from Tonga for Fiji, here are the links you need to familiarize yourself with Fiji’s Clearance procedures…
    Noonsite Clearance procedures - detailed

    New Zealand Clearance Procedures
    A large number of yachts depart for New Zealand from Tonga – NZ has a very efficient Customs and Immigration system and has a very strict quarantine service to protect the country from food hazards. Here is the information you need…
    Noonsite Country details

    The view from the top of Mt. Talau is not to be missed. Great for gaining some top-down perspective! Hike to the top from the trail head takes about 5-10 minutes. Can be slippery when wet. Hand-rails on parts of the trail. Trail head is about a 15-20 minute walk up-hill from town.

    The fresh-water caves in Toula present a view of the eastern islands & local kids can often be found swimming there. Toula village is about a 25-minute walk from town.

    Euakafa Island has great photo-ops from the top, where you'll also find a tomb! Good snorkel reef as well.

    Email for anything not covered in this guide and we’ll see if we can help. You can also contact any of the ICA Port Captains – who are here to help


    Seven Seas Cruising Association
    Island Cruising Association

    Vava'u Directory - tourism/trades/government






    Company Name












    VAVAU.TO - email me to get on this directory





    Adventure Backpackers

    70 955





    Air Terminal Services (ATS) Lupepau'u Airport

    70 139





    Air New Zealand

    23 192





    Air Pacific

    23 423





    Alatini Fisheries

    70 939





    Aneti's Shop - art and craft

    70 086





    Angela's Handicraft

    70 684





    Anglican Church

    70 354





    ANZ Bank

    70 944





    Aquarium café

    70 493





    Assembly of God

    70 012





    Auspicious Trading - supermarket

    71 388





    Avis - car rentals

    70 847





    Beluga Diving

    70 327

    71 115




    Blue Lagoon Resort

    71 300





    BP Oil Vavaú

    70 972




    Café Tropicana - food and internet and art and bakery

    71 322

    71 324

    7512 870


    Catholic Church

    70 062

    70 930




    Chathams Pacific Airline

    71 280





    China Fortune - Luci's Supermarket

    71 222





    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints (LDS)

    70 470

    70 765




    Church of Tonga

    70 155

    71 155




    Coconet Café - food and water tours and horse trekking and vehicle rentals

    71 311


    74 287



    Constitution Church of Tonga

    70 075





    Custom Department

    70 052





    Custom Shed

    70 053





    D.M. Guttenbeil & Sons - supermarket

    70 715





    Dancing Rooster - restaurant

    70 886





    DHL - Vava'u Mapa the taxi driver



    7512 363



    DHL - Tongatapu

    27 700

    23 617




    Dive Vavau - diving and whales

    70 492

    70 557

    7776 616



    Dolphin Pacific Diving - diving and whales and tours

    70 292


    59 623



    Dora Malia - fishing

    70 698





    Eastern island Ferry and tours

    71 190


    48 032



    E.M. Jones - building supplies

    70 422

    71 067




    E.M. Jones Travel

    70 026





    Endangered Whale Encounters - whales and Fishing and water tours and surfing

    7512 991

    7512 929

    8712 383



    Eueiki Island Eco resort (Formerly Treasure Island)

    67 963


    7512 935



    Fa Sea Jewellery

    70 853





    Fakaánaua Ki Houmelei Tailor

    70 803


    7512 824



    Fangafoa Travel House

    71 432





    Federal Pacific Finance

    71 243





    Federal Pacific Insurance

    71 243





    Fedex - Vava'u Western Union

    70 888





    Fedex - Tongatapu

    28 928


    82 389



    Fire Station

    70 089





    Fish Market

    70 142





    Friendly Island Bookshop

    70 505





    Friendly Island Kayak Company

    70 173





    Friendly Island Security

    70 876





    FM Peau Vava'u 88.6FM

    71 128

    71 129




    Free Church of Tonga

    70 176





    Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga

    71 294





    Gateway Service Station

    70 742





    Giggling Whale Bar and grille


    59 057

    59 075



    Golden Fortune Store - supermarket

    71 284





    Governor's Office

    70 070





    Hakula Lodge - accommodation and fishing and whale and snorkelling

    70 872





    Harbour View Resort

    70 687





    Harbourside Holiday House

    71 502





    Heilala Vanilla

    71 400





    Hibiscus Hut - art and craft and T shirts

    71 381

    70 872




    Hilltop Hotel

    70 209

    71 095




    Home Gas Limited (LPG)

    70 319





    Ika Lahi International Game Fishing Resort

    70 611





    Ikapuna Game Fishing Store

    70 698





    Infinity-Tec - IT supplier

    70 605


    75 141



    Inland Revenue Department

    70 122





    Ísileli & Sons Bakery

    70 486

    70 046




    Island Explorer Apartments - accommodation and kayaking and water tours

    71 453


    84 046



    Invest in Tonga - real estate

    70 788


    8863 219



    J.V. Taxi

    70 136





    Jack Guttenbeil Stores

    70 072





    Jehovah Witnesses Church

    70 827





    Jetsave Taufonua Travel

    71 235





    J M Store Supermarket

    71 195





    Kalia 2 - arts and crafts and clothes

    70 985





    Kart Safaris

    70 493





    Kelly's Trading - household goods

    70 569





    Kiwi Magic - fishing and whales

    71 032


    7512 149



    La Vela Restaurant

    71 395





    La Paella Restaurant

    70 348


    7512 310



    Langafonua Handicrafts Shop

    70 356





    Leiola Duty Free Shop - liquor

    70 748

    70 645




    Liviela Taxi

    70 240





    Loni Video Shop

    70 025





    Look Sharp Vavaú - art and craft and T shirts

    70 757





    Longomapu Community

    70 701





    Lopaukamea Taxi

    70 153





    Lucky's Beach House - accommodation

    71 075





    Lupepauú Airport

    71 403





    Mafana Island Beach - accommodation

    74 834


    84 126



    Mala Island Resort - accommodation

    71 304





    Manaia - restaurant

    70 107





    Marnis - Cargo/80 person Barge

    70 991

    751 2347

    751 2870


    Mango café

    70 664





    Matamaka Community

    70 769





    Marlene Moa Bakery

    70 025





    Mahimahi Curry





    MBF Bank

    70 466

    70 006




    Megapode - art and craft

    70 975





    Melinda Sea Adventure - sailing and whales

    70 975





    Mermaid Restaurant

    70 127





    Ministry of Civil Aviation

    70 288





    Ministry of Education

    70 511





    Ministry of Finance

    70 141





    Ministry of Fisheries

    70 399





    Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Defence

    70 499





    Ministry of Health

    70 201





    Ministry of Justice

    70 077





    Ministry of Labour, Commerce & Industries

    70 414





    Ministry of Lands, Survey & Natural Resources

    70 033





    Ministry of Police, Fire Service & Prisons

    70 234





    Ministry of Tourism

    70 115





    Ministry of Works

    70 100





    Moteli (Funga-'i- vava'u nite club)

    70 137





    Mounu Island Resort

    70 747

    7754 331

    8866 403



    Moorings - sailing and yacht services

    70 016

    70 697




    Motor Parts Service

    70 854

    71 122




    Mystic Sands Motel

    70 688

    70 647

    84 027



    National Beverage - liquor

    70 760





    Neiafu shopping Centre - supermarket






    New Life Church

    67 935





    Niu Pacific

    70 573

    8740 107

    7512 273



    Niva Boat Tours

    70 380





    Ofu island Backpackers - accommodation

    74 393


    7512 461



    Olo'ua Community

    70 850





    Orion Charters - sailing

    70 327


    8867 311



    Osteria - restaurant

    70 220


    7512 474



    Otumohemohe Shop - supermarket

    70 382

    71 078




    Ovaka Community

    70 768





    Pacific Blue

    23 770





    Pacific Finance & Investment Ltd

    70 256





    Pacific Timber Hardware (PTH) - building supplies

    70 500





    Paradise International Hotel

    70 211

    74 744




    Peace Corp - US volunteers

    70 770

    70 065




    PIG FM1 89.3FM

    71 479


    59 018



    Police Officer Commanding

    70 230





    Police Officer in Charge

    70 233





    Polynesian Airlines

    24 566





    Port Wine Guest House - accommodation

    70 479





    Post Office

    70 052





    Prince Wellington Ngu Hospital

    70 201





    Reef Resort - accommodation


    59 279

    59 276



    Reef Shipping (Southern Cross)

    70 915





    Riki Tiki Tours - diving and tours

    70 975





    Royal Beer - liquor

    71 484





    S.F. Paea & Sons - supermarket

    70 644





    Sailing Safaris - sailing and whales and yacht services and moorings

    70 650

    70 730




    Saineha High School - LDS English Speaking High School

    70 188

    71 221




    Seventh Day Adventist Church

    70 177





    Shipping Corporation Polynesia ()

    70 128





    Shoreline Power Ltd - power supplier

    70 798





    South Seas Treasures - art and craft

    70 982


    8887 711



    Sovereign Residence Vavaú - accommodation

    70 760

    70 725

    7746 955



    Sovereign Restaurant and Bar

    70 760

    70 725

    7746 955



    T & M Trader - supermarket

    70 752





    Tahi Pacifika - fishing and water tours

    70 278





    Tangitau Pafilio Bakery

    70 105

    70 206




    Tapana - accommodation

    70 348


    7512 310



    Target One Fishing

    70 647





    Taunga Community

    70 208





    Tefisi Community

    70 755





    The Ark Gallery - art and moorings and yacht services


    7512 673

    8887 998



    The Balcony Lodge - accommodation

    70 395


    82 882



    The Balcony Restaurant

    70 395


    82 882



    The Tongan Beach Resort - accommodation and restaurant and bar

    70 380





    Tina Bourke Store

    70 210





    TNT Courier - Vava'u

    71 280





    TNT Courier - Nuku'alofa

    23 012





    Tokaikolo Church

    70 475





    Tonga Airport Ltd

    70 288





    Tonga Bobs - bar and restaurant and Kiteboarding

    59 220





    Tonga Broadcasting Corporation

    70 827

    70 843




    Tonga Communication Corporation (TCC) - communications

    70 255

    70 111




    Tonga Development Bank

    70 333

    70 031




    Tonga Post

    70 052





    Tonga Red Cross Society

    71 449





    Tonga Timber Ltd - building supplies

    70 996

    70 661




    Tonga Trust/FSP

    70 874





    Tonga Visitors Bureau

    70 115





    Tonga Water Board

    70 299

    70 660




    Tongan Earth - arts and crafts

    59 981





    Tradewind Island Sailing (Manuoko) - sailing



    7513 305



    Treasure Island Resort (Now Eueiki Island) - accommodation

    67 935


    7512 935



    Tropical Tease - art and craft and T shirts

    71 271





    Tu'anekivale Community

    70 700





    Tu'anuku Community

    70 702





    TV Vava'u

    70 827

    70 843




    UATA Shipping Line (MV Pulapaki)

    70 490





    USP Centre (university of the South Pacific)

    70 545





    UPS - Vava'u EM JONES

    70 422





    UPS - Tongatapu EM JONES

    23 423




    or +679 720 043

    Vaka'eitu Island (Papao Village)

    70 308





    Vai Ko Lelea - Bar

    71 484

    8740 000

    7516 148



    Vava'u Family Health Centre - sexual health and education

    71 011





    Vava'u Football Association

    70 048

    70 186




    Vava'u Handicrafts

    70 718





    Vava'u Harbourview Resort - accommodation

    70 687





    Vavaunet - Wifi provider

    70605 Tech

    71322 Sales




    Vavau Pharmacy & Health Centre ltd

    70 213


    59 289



    Vava'u Public Library

    70 647





    Vava'u Rugby Union

    70 694





    Vava'u Scooters and Snorkels

    71 331





    Vavaú Shipping Services

    70 915





    Vava'u Side School - English Speaking Primary and Intermediate School

    71 162





    Vava'u Villa (formerly Pangai Villa) - accommodation

    71 010


    59 057



    Waterfront House - accommodation

    70 182


    48 032



    Western Union Money - money transfer

    70 888





    Westpac Bank of Tonga

    70 068





    Whale Discoveries - whales

    70 173





    Whale Swim Adventures - whales

    71 266


    7512 730



    Whale Watch Vava'u -whales

    70 747

    7754 331

    8866 403



    Whales in the Wild

    70 872