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Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific

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   Your online guide to the Ha'apai Island Group, Tonga

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Activities in Ha'apai Island Group, Tonga


Happy Ha'apai Divers
Sandy Beach Resort,
Foa Island, Ha'apai,
Phone +676 69639
Fax +676 69639

Happy Ha'apai Divers website

Diving in Ha'apai stands for pure, Clearwater. Normal visibility is between 30and 40 metres but can sometimes be more. Temperatures range from 23 to 24 degrees in the winter and 29 in the summer. Many of the dive sites are within the shelter of the Islands and barrier reef but there are also a number of dives that are in more open water providing opportunites for palagic animal encounters including sharks, tune, trevally, barracuda etc. Turtles are encountered onmany dives including eagle rays sea snakes and myriad tropical reef fish. A highlight of the diving is the geography of the reefs themselves.

There are caves, caverns, canyons and tunnels to explore on just about every dive with probably many more yet to be discovered. There are also vertical walls, fast flowing passes and colourful coral gardens. Hard corals dominate the reefs but there are also gorgorian fans and soft corals to be found. From July to October Humpback Whales pass through the Ha'apai group.They are often spotted from the boat, and the very lucky will observe them on a dive.

Fins and Flukes
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Phone (+676) 8870141 / 13261 or 13549.
The lines are not always reliable, so we apologise if you have trouble contacting us via the phone.

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The pace of life in Tonga is supremely relaxed. We love to take that pace onto the boat with us and, even more importantly, into the water on our long, slow dives. We dive in small groups of up to four divers per guide and as the only operator on the island we enjoy having the dive sites all to ourselves.

Ha'apai has many fantastic dive sites and the coral reefs here - some of the best in Tonga - are extremely diverse in character including drop-offs, swim-throughs, caves, tunnels, walls and overhangs. Many of the reefs fringe the islands themselves and there are also exciting off-shore pinnacles that we explore. Our dive sites have excellent coral cover, both hard and soft, a huge variety of tropical fish, occasional pelagics and great macro life. All this, combined with the excellent visibility, adds up to some truely dramatic diving experiences. Our strategic geographical location grants us access to the most superior dive sites available here. With Fins 'n' Flukes you dive the best that Ha'apai has to offer!